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OP Hakkoh Lotion-60

Review: Koh Gen Do’s Oriental Plants Hakkoh Lotion-60
By: Just Jane October, 2023

A Harmony of Hydration and Heritage

Oriental Plant Hokkoh Lotion

The Quest for Hydration

In the ever-evolving skincare world, Koh Gen Do’s Oriental Plants Hakkoh Lotion-60 emerges as a beacon of deep hydration, promising to drench the skin with pure and gentle moisture.  I was hooked when I got my hands on the product and used it a few times; I was hooked.  I called, interviewed experts in the company and other users to conclude my findings. 
The Science of Skin’s Thirst. Our skin’s ability to hold onto moisture dwindles as we age, leaving it vulnerable to the elements and signs of aging. Many products on the market can be too harsh, stripping away moisture and damaging the skin’s protective barrier. Enter Hakkoh Lotion-60, designed to replenish and maintain a radiant complexion.  This was backed up by several women and their use of Hakkoh. 

A Fusion of Time-Honored Techniques with Modern Science. Koh Gen Do went to great lengths to marry the ancient fermentation practice with contemporary technology, creating their unique Shinhojun Hakkoh Concentrate. In collaboration with an Akita master fermenter, they've double-fermented a potent elixir of rice, perilla, and jujube to form the heart of their hydration philosophy.

As I learned, this is made in Japan, with super high quality Japanese ingredients and experts.  Fermentation – A Legacy Leveraged for Skin Care Mirroring the benefits of fermented foods for better digestion and nutrient absorption, the skincare fermentation process enhances ingredients’ bioavailability, allowing for better absorption and efficacy.  Fermentation is time honored approach in Japan to achieve the highest quality. 

What Makes Hakkoh Lotion-60 Stand Out

This lotion is a powerhouse with 60% Shinhojun Hakkoh Concentrate. It's a game-changer for dry skin, absorbing quickly and setting the stage for a smooth, moisturized canvas.

Benefits & Features – My Take

- The high concentration of double-fermented concentrate nurtures the skin’s hydration process.
- Koh Gen Do has a proprietary 5FP Capsule blend that addresses many skin concerns, including inflammation, aging, and acne.  (more on the 5FP in another article) 
- Looking deeply at the ingredients, the Lotus Flower and Willow Bark extracts contribute to the product’s firming and skin-smoothing abilities.
- Usually not found in skincare products due to scarcity, the Gotu Kola is a traditional remedy with its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
- It’s a one-size-fits-all lotion, suitable for every skin type, and is incredibly considerate of sensitive skin.
- The formula is free from artificial fragrances, dyes, mineral oils, parabens, silicon, and alcohol, making it a safe choice for those who prefer clean beauty. I was so happy to find it is Vegan and Gluten-Free and has been allergy tested. 

How to Use – Tips from an Enthusiastic User

As recommended, I tried the routine. After cleansing and prepping your skin, take a nickel-sized dollop of the Hakkoh Lotion-60 and warm it between your hands. A gentle press onto the face and neck is all it takes for the product to work magic. The reviewer recommends using the lotion with Koh Gen Do’s Pure Cotton for an extra hydration boost for a DIY mask treatment that leaves the skin plump and radiant.

Final Verdict

Koh Gen Do’s Oriental Plants Hakkoh Lotion-60 is a holy grail for those seeking a hydration solution rooted in tradition yet delivering modern-day results. This lotion doesn’t just sit on the skin; it transforms it, proving that sometimes, the secrets to the best skincare are hidden in past rituals.  Look to the Japanese for the real thing to help skin show our beauty!
Just Jane, holds a degree in Dermatology and has spent several years working in clinical settings before turning to sharing her knowledge and insights as a full-time profession. Her passion for skincare is rooted in science, but she also appreciates the holistic and natural approaches to skin health. She regularly attends dermatological conferences and stays updated with the latest research and trends in skincare. Through the years, Jane has worked closely with clients of all ages, addressing various skin concerns. This hands-on experience has given her a deep understanding of the skin’s physiology and the effects of different ingredients and products. She has also contributed to academic journals and often collaborates with skincare brands for research and development.

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