December 16, 2019


"One of my favorite make up lines, I’ve been using Koh Gen Do for years. Since I had the pleasure of working with Regina King on Southland. It was my go-to foundation. We both loved it - the perfect colors with a little yellow and glow to pop those beautiful cheekbones. I remember her contacting me about this beautiful foundation afterward. I’m a working makeup artist in LA that has done several different amazing shows such as Animal Kingdom, Lethal Weapon, Last Ship, Southland, ER, Rizzoli and Isles, as well as the Ballad of Richard Jewell. Koh Gen Do is definitely a very important part of my makeup kit. Almost as valuable as my brushes. It contains so much coverage and I can use my fingertips to apply if I really needed too! The spa wipes are fantastic! I had some blood on the silicone piece and used the spa wipes to remove all the excess blood and it didn't destroy my paint job on that silicone appliance. " -Mark Bautista, Key Makeup Artist for Ballad of Richard Jewel.


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