Out of Blue

October 29, 2018

Out of Blue

"When HD film was first introduced classic makeup formulas no longer worked. I could quickly tell the difference between natural clean skin and where product on skin had begun. It was the reflective quality. Setting powders dulled the skin and without them foundations didn’t last the 15 hours needed on a typical shoot day. We have also become increasingly aware of what certain chemicals do to our bodies and my actors insist on products made with high end ingredients. Koh Gen Do foundations mimic the reflective and flexible qualities of natural skin. I can use it on the most sensitive skin. It lasts in the most intense environments, hot or cold, dry or humid. I don’t have to powder it on most skin, yet if I choose to, their powder is invisible . It is especially amazing on mature skin. I am obsessed with Koh Gen Do."- Chelo Acosta-Conley , personal makeup artist for Patricia Clarkson in Out of Blue and Dept Head SFX/MUA, personal to Armando Riesco for The Chi from Showtime"


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