Jupiter's Legacy

April 04, 2022

Jupiter's Legacy

"Jupiter's Legacy is an amazing project that brought out the best in our creativity and discipline. The story line spans many decades from the 1940’s to present day. The 1940’s was a beautiful glamorous time in makeup and it was super fun to recreate. Also there are some epic battles and fantastic wild characters. Koh Gen Do was and is an important staple in helping our actors' complexions deal with long hours and the changing makeup looks. Moisture Fit Concealer along with the Maifanshi Aqua Foundation created a perfect finish for 4K screens. With the time constraints in filming it was also great to have the Cleansing Water Cloths to remove makeup on the go, especially with no rinsing needed. Brilliant! I can rely on Koh Gen Do to help create the perfect makeup for our large tv screens and for movie theaters." -Leslie Sebert, Makeup Department Head, Jupiter's Legacy


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