Euphoria S2

April 04, 2022

Euphoria S2

"Koh Gen Do is one of those special and elevated brands that I’m very proud to have in my makeup kit, and even more so, to be a staple on my makeup station — my sacred place where only my most trusted products get to live! When I’m doing an actor’s makeup for the first time, it’s important to me that I make a good first impression and I like to make sure I have reputable and high-performing products on display. Ever since I started working with Koh Gen Do products, they have had a place on my makeup station. My KGD must-haves are the Aqua Foundation, Moisture Foundation, Moisture Fit Concealer, Spa Cleansing Water, Spa Cleansing Water Cloths, and Spa Cleansing Water Tips (keep these in your set bag!)." -Doniella Davy, Makeup Department Head, Euphoria S2


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