Chemical Hearts

September 10, 2020

Chemical Hearts

"Lili and I both wanted her character (Grace) to look like she had nothing on and use a foundation that looked like skin. We tried a few options for foundation at our camera test to see what looked best and it was clear that Koh Gen Do’s Moisture Foundation was the one we’d use on her. It is light, it doesn’t sit on top of the skin but really into the skin, it blends perfectly and look so beautiful and natural. We applied with a brush and blended out with a beauty blender. We also used Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Water Cloths to go back and forth from looks. Some days we did a lot of mascara on and off and the cleansing water wipes were gentle and effective. I love having Koh Gen Do products in my kit, everything they make are beautiful." -Heidi Pakdel, Makeup Dept Head for Chemical Hearts starring Lili Reinhart


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