September 04, 2019


"The majority of the cast on BH 90210 in the 40 plus range. We were looking to use products that would provide enough coverage to conceal imperfections, but still leave the skin looking fresh, healthy, and luminous. I turned to the Aqua foundations to give me just that. It’s such a beautiful line of foundations, especially when combined with my all-time favorite powder, the maifanshi lighting powder. It’s been my number one choice for years!

Days on set can be long and sometimes going past 12 hrs a day (in full makeup) I keep the makeups looking fresh with the herbal spa water mist. The skin can be rehydrated without disturbing the makeup.

I also use the spa water as part the makeup removal at the end of a shooting day. It’s so gentle yet seems to get the skin just a little but cleaner after the cleansers. "-Leah Ehman, Makeup Department Head


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