All American Season 3

March 16, 2021

All American Season 3

"KGD has been a staple in our makeup trailer on All American since season 1. Here we are on Season 3 with a Fourth Season and spin-off on the horizon. We use the Aqua Foundation Illuminator or as we call it the “Secret Sauce” in almost all of our female talents foundations to give that Hollywood Starlet radiant glow.  The range of skin tone colors in the Aqua Foundations allows us the full spectrum of possibilities to paint with. We are especially loving the new 143 formula. It is that one color that we were missing and never had the perfect match for our diverse cast. Can't forget about the shades 301 and 302 for our beautiful ebony-skinned ladies. The finish just gives off a stunningly natural dewy glow.  And lastly, we die over the amazing finish of the Maifanshi Sheer Moist Powder.  We love the humectant quality it carries, leaving our ladies set, but allowing the skin to still look like skin. All and all we are so grateful to Koh Gen Do!" -Mandi Ann Crane Ruiz, All American Department Head Makeup Artist


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