All American

October 09, 2019

All American

"Koh Gen Do is a staple in our trailer on All American. We call the Aqua Illuminator our ‘secret sauce’. Mixed into foundations on our ladies it really creates the ‘how does she look so flawless’ look by adding that reflectivity to the skin.

We have turned almost all of our cast on All American on to the Soft Gommage Gel as part of their skincare routine. It not only helps keep their skin beautiful, fresh, it keeps ingrown hairs in check, but for us as Artist, to have a refreshed palette to continue to work on day in and day out is a savior.

After long days on set and lack of sleep, concealer is a necessity for the under eye. The Macro Vintage Eye Treatment is a savior to refresh the delicate skin without having to continuously reload concealer throughout the day." -Makeup Team for the All American


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